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Become a Teacher of Vedic Meditation

A few months ago, a small group of Vedic Meditation teachers began meeting to discuss how to make the practice we teach a more effective tool for advancing social service, in particular social justice work. It is why we practice after all, to be more dynamic and better engaged with the world, to meet the need of the time.

One of the outputs of those conversations was the creation of a teacher training program that provides a deep education in Vedic knowledge and tradition, combined with training in contemporary wellness, and social justice practices.

This newly-imagined program is designed to not only expand your personal experience of consciousness (which it profoundly will), but also to prepare you to teach meditation in this moment with course modules in anti-racism, creating equitable spaces, trauma-informed response, social and business ethics, and so much more.

If you have ever thought about becoming a teacher of Vedic Meditation and are inspired to be of service to the world, there's never been a more relevant time to do so. We invite you to join us.

For more information about this Teacher Training Program and to receive a recording of the informational webinar with faculty from Sunday, December 6 please visit

Training Program Launches February 27, 2021