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Learn the Siddhis

The Siddhis is considered the most advanced and powerful practice in the Vedic repertoire of techniques. 

Different from our daily meditation practice in which we passively dip into the pure consciousness field, with the Siddhis we intentionally enliven specific qualities from The Field. This technique does not replace meditation. It supplements our daily practice, further integrating the eyes-closed experience into eyes-open daily life.

The Siddhis practice is based on the Yoga Sutras of Sri Maharishi Patanjali. 

Siddhas, those who have mastered the Siddhis, are often said to possess "superhuman capabilities." This refers to the effect of stitching individual aspects of human potential together with mastery of universal laws of nature. There is really nothing "super" about it. This is optimization at the subtlest level.

The Siddhis program is taught live in a home-retreat setting over a weekend.  That means we meet Saturday morning and evening, and again Sunday morning and evening. There are several installments of the course, each containing a set of Sutras that build on the previous until a full sequence is established.

For more information on this course series call (818) 646-6759

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