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Meditation is very easy to learn


Become a self-sufficient Meditator in 4 easy sessions

The beginner course provides you with a Mantra that will best serve you at this time, and detailed instruction on how to use it properly so that you get maximum benefit from your practice. Classes are held in person, or online via Zoom.

The Bhavateet Dhyan course includes four sessions taught over four consecutive days. 

The first day session is approximately 90 minutes, and is always done individually with your teacher.

The next three day sessions run approximately 2 hours each, and include a 20 minute meditation session with the teacher. 

These sessions may be in a small group or held privately with the teacher depending on your class option preference.


Students will attend just one session per day, either morning or evening. By the conclusion of the 4-day course you will be a fully self-sufficient meditator, already experiencing its powerful effect.

Course format:

Day 1:  private meeting to receive Mantra and initial instruction

Day 2:  class topic:  basics of best practice

Day 3:  class topic:  understanding stress and stressing release

Day 3:  class topic:  understanding Consciousness and long term benefits of regular practice

Suggested Course Fees: 

$  450  per person in small group setting   

$  800  for couples, 2 family members or friends

$  600  for a private individual course 

$ 1,000 for a private individual course at your location  

$  350 for students or low income retirees

Your one-time course fee entitles you to a lifetime of free follow up and support.  It pre-pays for private meditation checks, and group meditation meetings.  It also allows you to take a refresher course every year.  All at no additional cost. 

Ask about Corporate rates for training your business or non-profit organization

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