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Advanced Techniques advance your practice & results exponentially

Advanced techniques are not only for advanced meditators. They are the techniques by which one becomes an advanced meditator. This may mean an elaboration of the Mantra, a new way of using the Mantra, addition of Asanas and Pranayama, 

or body awareness, and/or Chakra balance exercises. Or it may mean an entirely new technique; SRM or Ishtadevata.


Advanced Meditation Techniques

Many people never change their initial mantra and happily use it for decades with great experience. Fantastic!

For others, the Mantra may be outgrown over time. If that happens it is good to upgrade the practice.


You will know it's time to advance when the meditation becomes consistently lucid and feels a bit 'boring,' or when you recognize the eyes open benefits are fading somewhat. This may never be the case for you. We keep to our practice so long as it remains comfortable and benefit is still coming.


Anyone who has been practicing regularly (twice daily) for at least six months or more is eligible to receive an advanced meditation technique if desired. Going deeper with SRM is highly recommend, though not required. Ultimately the Ishtadevata technique brings it all together. We go at our own pace.


Rounding is a process involving a sequence of specific yoga asanas (poses), pranayama (breathwork), meditation, and a lie down (Savasana) to conclude. This particular Vedic Asana sequence was constructed by a Master yogi in Rishikesh for our tradition. It was designed to profoundly de-excite the body so that a very very deep meditation experience is triggered. Depending on how we sequence and prioritize the elements, Rounding my help accelerate stress release or curb it to allow a deeper experience of Samadhi.

Rounding is recommended for those who wish to reconnect to their physical body, as well as for those looking for deeper

3-in-1 integration of Mind-Body-Spirit. Rounding should never be done alone or in a group setting if one is currently in a state of unresolved trauma or illness.

The Rounding procedure is taught as a half-day workshop. Group sessions and private instruction options are available. 

We can also do this on Zoom if needed for special circumstances. Students of this class should have at least three months of regular twice daily meditation experience.

Costs for Rounding workshop:

$ 108  Group Instruction

$ 200  Private Instruction


Group Awareness Exercise

One thing we know about Consciousness is that it is self-aware. We also know that having a high degree of awareness (depth and breadth) is a hallmark trait of Enlightenment


This exercise trains our attention on Awareness itself, which in turn expands our awareness exponentially. Participants will identify qualities and characteristics of Awareness in a word or two. It is very simple. It expands our awareness rapidly, and creates an experience of Unity Consciousness among participants (and beyond)


This is a soft focus Eyes-Open practice. The intellect and senses participate in the Awareness exercise. This results in immediately integration. Dress comfortably. The session lasts a full hour. The effect from this work is profound!


Sessions are limited to 8 participants at a time

Session fee is $ 20 per person

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