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Mastering the Siddhis

The Siddhis is considered the most advanced and most powerful practice in the Vedic repertoire of techniques. It is Mastering the Siddhis that transforms a warrior into a Jedi knight.

Different from our daily meditation practice in which we passively dip into the pure consciousness field, with the Siddhis we consciously dip in and deliberately draw out and enliven specific qualities from the unbounded field. This technique does not replace meditation. It supplements our daily practice, further integrating the eyes-closed experience with eyes-open daily life.

The Siddhis practice is based on the Yoga Sutras of Maharishi Patanjali, cognized 2,700 years ago. Siddhas, those who have mastered the Siddhis, are often said to possess "superhuman capabilities." This refers to the effect of stitching individual aspects of human potential together with mastery of universal laws of nature. 

Few Masters have been able to comprehend Patanjali's coded teachings as well as Thom Knoles, who is eminently able to interpret the intention of each sutra and master the sequencing of them.

MTS is an advanced course series taught in six progressive installments, each consisting of nine hours of recorded lecture with Thom Knoles. Each installment is taught over three consecutive days. Participants attend all three sessions of any course. 

*To qualify for this course students ideally will have completed the full Exploring the Veda course series, but minimally must have done the ETV1 course, and so on at each level to advance with the MTS series.

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