Effortless Mantra - Learn to Meditate effortlessly using a mantra just right for you.
Vedic Meditation is very easy to learn

First Attend an Introductory Session
Come learn about Vedic Meditation from a trained expert. 
Learn what it is, and what it is not. Find out how it is taught, how it is done, what distinguishes it from other techniques, and general benefits one can expect with regular practice. This is also a great opportunity to ask any questions you have about meditation so you can decide if this technique is right for you. No Cost. No obligation.

FREE Intro Sessions are offered Saturdays at 1:00pm
They can also be arranged at another time more convenient for you.
Call (818) 646-6759 to schedule your no-cost appointment. 

Then take the Beginner Course
The Beginner Course is taken after attending any Introductory session. The course provides you with the Mantra that will best serve you, and detailed instruction on how to use it properly so you get the maximum value from your practice. It is most often taught in small groups at the Van Nuys VM center, or privately by special arrangement. 

The beginner course includes four sessions taught over four consecutive days. Each class session runs about 90 minutes, and includes a 20 minute meditation. You will attend just one session per day, either morning or evening. By the conclusion of the beginner course you will be a fully self-sufficient meditator, already experiencing its effect.

Course fee is based on a week's earnings, with the following minimums:
 $ 600 in group setting
 $ 1,000 for a private course
 $ 1,500 for a private course at your location

*The course fee is an investment in oneself. If the amount suggested is prohibitive please speak to us about it. Let us see what we can do.

Ask about family & couples' package rates
Ask about discounts for students & military personnel
Ask about Corporate rates for your business and employees

This is very Important
Your one-time course fee entitles you to a lifetime of free follow up and support. It prepays for private meditation checks, and group meditation meetings. It also allows you to retake the entire course or any parts of it as many times as you like. Further, it gives you access to our Teachers all over the world, and the opportunity to join their group meditation sessions at no cost additional cost. This is all included.

Learn VM on Oahu, Hawaii - January 2019

Haleiwa (north shore) 
Intro Session January 6 at 7:00pm
Initiations January 7 (times vary)
Course Sessions run January 8-10 at 7:00pm

Intro Session January 11 at 7:00pm
Initiations January 12 (times vary)
Course Sessions run January 13-15 at 7:00pm

Please call (323) 447-2868 to RSVP or for more information
Location details will be provided upon RSVP
You must attend an Intro Session to take the course

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