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Vedic Meditation Instruction
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Group Meditation & Vedic Knowledge Meetings
Saturdays at 11:00am

Group Meditation is available at the Effortless Mantra VM & Ayurveda Center every Saturday morning at 11:00am. Attending group meditation is encouraged for all new meditators, particularly during the first few months of practice, though not required.

There are many benefits to attending. For new meditators it is a wonderful way to help establish the habit of twice daily meditation, and to reinforce and deepen your practice moving forward. It is also a forum in which to ask questions, to share your experience, and to meet other people within the vedic community.

Students of any VM Teacher in our guild are welcome to group meditation at the Effortless Mantra VM Center in Van Nuys. 
We serve tea and often do fresh juices. If you have friends curious about what we do they are welcome to join us any time. There is never any cost to attend. 

Meditation Checking
Another benefit prepaid by your beginner course fee is Checking. It is good to do this with every six months or so of regular twice daily practice. This is also available in case you fall off the program and need help getting back on track. We are here to help you. Call or email to schedule your free private session.

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