Effortless Mantra - Learn to Meditate effortlessly using a mantra just right for you.
Vedic Meditation
is an ancient technique from India

What is Meditation
Generally speaking "meditation" refers to any mental technique designed to promote relaxation, mental clarity, and an overall sense of wellbeing. Contrary to popular belief meditation is not a religious practice in itself, though some religions may use some form of it as a part of worship. On its own meditating neither negates nor imposes any religious views. 

About Vedic Meditation
Vedic Meditation uses what are known as Bija Mantras to trigger a change in one's own consciousness state. The mind is effortlessly lured into a state of subtle awareness, the body follows and moves into deep restfulness allowing stresses to unwind and release from the nervous system. There is no focusing, no straining, no concentration, no controlling of the mind whatsoever. The Mantra does the work for you. 

VM is a silent eyes-closed practice that anyone can do once instructed properly. The technique originally comes from India, born of the ancient system of knowledge known of as The Veda. It is best practiced twice daily for 20 minutes sitting comfortably morning and evening.

Regular practice delivers a wide range of benefits for the vast majority of meditators including...
  • reducing stress and fatigue
  • improving sleep, mood, overall well being
  • sharpening the five senses and mental acuity
  • increasing energy, stamina, and vitality
  • promoting creativity 
  • expanding consciousness
Everyone can easily learn this simple yet powerful technique

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